American Crew Ultra Gliding Shave Oil

This shave oil works to prevent irritation to the sensitive skin on the face, whilst offering a smooth and comfortable shave. Oils of eucalyptus and clove are antibacterial and counter nicks, razor bumps and ingrown hairs for a clean shave.

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22 customer reviews about American Crew Ultra Gliding Shave Oil
Very nice product for shaving!
Charles from Durham
The scent is great and it really lifts the hairs to make shaving easier.
Bart from N-Br
Only ever shave using this product - ACE
Andrew from London
My husband loves these products and now won't use anything else.
I have been buying this shaving oil for my husband for years & now my sons use it they all say it is perfect.
Mary from Cheshire
I bought this recently for my husband. He has sensitive skin and says this is the best shave oil he has ever tried. It gives a very close, smooth shave and you only need to use a very small amount. Works great in tandem with the Precision Shave Gel. Ladies, if you like your man to have a nice soft face, then buy him this.
Linda from Kirkcaldy
Had my best shave ever with this product.
Anil from Bedfordshire
John from Bedfordshire
Efficace seuleument sur rasages réguliers-Eviter le rasage de 2 ou 3 jours.
Awesome product. Get through about 2/year (daily week shaver)
Roshan from London
An excellent product, makes shaving a pleasure.
michael from Gloucestershire
Angela from North Lanarkshire
Carlos from SPAIN
Delphine from West Yorkshire
Ilona from Brussels
Patrick from East Sussex
Ewa from Nottinghamshire
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